Few Popular Types Of Speakers That You Can Consider Buying


These days, throwing a party without DJ’s and music system is worthless. The louder the music means the more fun and entertainment. But, for most of the people, It’s difficult to believe that they can purchase a speaker under five hundred dollars. Yes, by spending a few dollars, you can easily purchase the best speaker as per your need. Few popular types of speakers are given below-

Coaxial speakers – It is one of the most common and popular type of speaker. It is basically a midrange speaker that comes with tweeter. Being a tweeter embedded with coaxial speaker, there is no need to add sub-woofers or tweeters with coaxial speakers. When used with regular music systems like CD or DVD player, it can produce sound that ranges from 15-10,000 Hertz.

Along with this, coaxial speakers are usually categorized as 4-way, 3-way and 2-way speakers. Here, way belongs to tweeter that means 2-way speaker comes with one speaker and tweeter; whereas, 3-way speakers comes with 2 or more tweeters. Once and for all, coaxial speakers are the best option for mid-range needs like in home based parties, gatherings and events. Due to high sound output with low electricity consumption, these days, many automobile brands have also started fitting these sorts of speakers in their brand new vehicles.

Component speaker system – It is another popular speaker system which usually includes mid range tweeters as well as separate woofers. There is only difference between component and a coaxial speaker is that there is a separate installation tweeter or sub-woofer with component speaker system. This type of speaker system can produce whopping sound range from 10,000 to 20,000 hertz which is much more than coaxial speaker system. Due to separate tweeter, component speaker system becomes costlier than coaxial speakers. Though, component speakers are costlier but best in producing effective as well as improved sound.

Material used in speaker

It is an important thing to consider in a music system because material of music system lets you know the longevity of your music component. Days are gone, when wooden music systems were popular. Nowadays, several materials used in manufacturing a speaker are glass-fiber, china-wood, polypropylene and so on. Denser and heavier material based speaker systems produce great constant sound output.

Hence, if you are planning to purchase a speaker then please consider things, like wattage, sound output, number of tweeters or sub-woofers and material used in making a speaker.